Uniform will be worn by all students in school. 

We wear uniforms for many reasons. These include:-

  • Looking smart
  • Having school identity
  • To foster equality


  • Black tailored trousers (no denim, no combats, no tight fitting trousers)
  • White shirt
  • Black jumper (with logo)
  • Black blazer (with logo)
  • Black socks
  • A4 size school bag


  • Black tailored trousers/skirt (no denim, no combats, no tight fitting trousers or leggings)
  • White shirt
  • Black jumper (with logo)
  • Black blazer (with logo)
  • Black socks
  • A4 size school bag


Black and silver. Each year will be distinguished by an additional colour.
The colours used include: Purple, Blue, Green , Yellow, Red.

Year 11 will wear a purple jumper and prefects will wear a prefect tie


Must be plain black school shoes.

No trainers, boots, pumps or dolly shoes are allowed.

Outdoor clothing

A warm, waterproof coat will be needed; this should be of a dark colour.

No coats to be worn or carried in the school building. Students should not wear hoodies or
tracksuit tops.


  • Headscarves are worn for religious observance and need to be worn modestly.
  • Headscarves have to be plain black in colour, without decoration or trimmings and
    with no tassels or sequins
  • Headscarves need to be of a standard size in order to be tucked into the shirt
    collar comfortably for health and safety reasons
  • No oversized/volumised scarves are allowed to be worn. Pleats or foldings are not
  • Only secure with hair grips not pins as this can be dangerous


For health, safety and security reasons students should not wear any jewellery in
college; this includes earrings and other facial piercings. A watch may be worn.


Hair should be of a natural colour.  Students will be able to wear their hair down unless there are health and safety concerns in the teaching area when it must be tied up.  There should also be no patterns cut into hair.  and long or shoulder length hair must be tied back behind the head.

Make up

No make up, nail varnish or false / acrylic nails are to be worn in school. 


Students should have an A4 size bag to carry their books and writing equipment.

Students must have with them at all times a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and their school planner.

Large amounts of money must not be brought into school or taken on any school visits.

Mobile phones, headphones or electrical equipment are not to be seen or heard anywhere inside the school building or on the school grounds. The school cannot be held responsible for any damaged or stolen equipment and will confiscate any unauthorized equipment brought in to the
premises. All uniform/equipment should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

NB The taking of unauthorised pictures / videos is strictly forbidden anywhere on the school site.


  • Black shorts
  • White Football shirt (with SJT Logo)
  • Black socks
  • Trainers with non-marking soles / Football boots
  • Tracksuit (optional)
  • Outdoor Jacket (optional)