Awesome Arvon 2020

SJT’s ‘Write Club’ at The Ted Hughes Arvon Writing Centre

 Year 10 writers and English teachers spent the last week of January improving their creative writing skills.  They worked with Young Adult fiction writer born in Burnley, Nicky‘N.M.’Browne and Irfan Master, also a Young Adult fiction writer.  Guest poet and playwright Emteaz Hussein visited during the week to share her performance poetry.

 We took inspiration from the incredible countryside surrounding Lumb Bank in Heptonstall, West Yorkshire. 

An ‘Arvon week’ involves living, cooking, writing, eating, walking in the beautiful countryside and having fun together.

 Our resident writers, Nicky and Irfan encouraged and supported us to produce and redraft our writing.  By Thursday, creativity was pouring out of us all.  The visit has, without a doubt, changed our lives for the better.  

 The trip gave one student: ‘The confidence and inspiration to keep on writing.’  Another student thanked the writers for giving them the confidence to: ‘Be happy with my writing.’  We all agreed that we had improved our writing and enjoyed, ‘Lots of fun.’ Arvon 2020 was an experience we’ll always treasure.


Write, Write, Write. Watched by Ted Hughes from Photograph on Wall