Primary Engineer Programme

Congratulations to former student Krystyna, who’s SMA jacket built by the university of Central Lancashire came 2nd in the public vote at the ‘Wall of Fame 19’ exhibition held at Gatwick Airport.

 Originally Krystyna had entered a competition which asked students to think of an engineering invention that could solve a problem in their own life or in the wider world generally. They were required to draw a picture of their invention and write a detailed letter to the engineers explaining why their design should be built. 

 While many of our students won certificates and prizes for their inventions, Primary Engineer announced that the ‘SMA Jacket’ designed by Krystyna, had been chosen to be made into a Prototype by the Proto Team at the University of Central Lancashire UCLan!  

 The engineers told Krystyna that they were so impressed with her design that they had secured funding for further research, in the form of a PhD. This means that within a few years, and after hundreds of thousands of pounds of research, Krystyna's design may be able to have real world applications helping people with their movement in their daily lives.