Following the Prime Minister's recent announcement of the new temporary measures in response to the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, the Department for Education has released the following guidance: 

Face coverings should be worn in communal areas in all settings by staff, visitors and pupils or students in year 7 and above, unless they are exempt.

Pupils or students (in year 7 or above) should continue to wear face coverings on public and dedicated school transport, unless they are exempt”.


Therefore the wearing of face coverings in communal areas of the school site, public and dedicated school transport will recommence from Tuesday 30th November.

As is the current situation, face coverings can be worn in lessons if students and staff wish to do so.

Thank you in anticipation of your support with these changes as we continue to keep everybody safe.

Year 10 Parents' Evening

Year 10 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 2nd December 2021 3.30pm – 6.30pm & Wednesday 8th December 2021 3.30pm – 6.30pm.

All appointments will take place online so you will be able to meet with your child’s teachers using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. If you have any issues with accessing a device for your appointments, please contact Mr Rashid at school.

Below is a link for you to login and make appointments with your child’s teachers on our online appointment system. Appointments will last for 5 minutes with each teacher

Further details have been sent via Classcharts

Click here to book appointments for Year 10 Parents’ Evening 

Flu Vaccinations 

The NHS will be in school on Monday 13th December 2021 to deliver the nasal Flu vaccine to all students with consent.

For more information and the opportunity to consent or decline please follow the link below . 

In order to receive the vaccine, consent must be given before 9th December 2021.

 Click here for further information and to give consent 

Parent Governor Election

We currently have places for two parent governors on the governing body here at SJT. If you are interested in putting yourself forward for the election, please refer to the information and guidance that has been sent home to all our parents.

Governors have an important and influential role to play in the life of our school, and we do hope you will be able to take part in this election by becoming a candidate and by casting your vote when the time comes.

If you require any further information about being elected to the governing body, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Parent Governor Election Letter

Parent Governor Information

Parent Governor Election

Nomination Form

Eligibility & Information

Biographical Details

September opening - Please click on the link below to read the latest update from Mr Browning

Click here to access the latest update from Mr Browning regarding the new term 2nd September 2021 

 Student/ Parent Information Booklet 

For parents/carers with children in Years 8,9,10 and 11

Please read the information booklet which is available below and has also been sent on your ClassCharts account.

Information Booklet

Letter from Headteacher Mr Browning 

Once you have read the booklet, please go to the online form listed below by year group and confirm that you and your child agree to these polices. If you have more than one child at SJT, you will need to fill a form in for each child.

Year 8 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 9 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 10 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 11 Parents please click here to complete the form

 Parents/carers of students in Year 7 should have received a paper form to complete (please contact the Year 7 team if you have not received this).

COVID 19 Update 

  • The guidance from the Government is for all school age students to test twice weekly using lateral flow tests provided by schools. We advise that you test your child on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • If your child tests positive on a lateral flow test at home, they must isolate and book a PCR test. If the PCR test is negative they can return to school. 
  • If your child tests positive and you are double vaccinated, you do not need to self-isolate.
  • If any member of your household has tested positive,  your child does not need to self-isolate unless they show any symptoms.
  • If your child or any member of your household is showing symptoms you must arrange a PCR test and isolate until you get the result. You child does not need to isolate whilst you are waiting for the test result.
  • Please inform us at school of the result of any PCR tests.
  • If your child is at home, work will be set online each day. Please click here for further information on Remote Learning



Year 7

8.15 am Science Door 

Year 8 8.20 am Maths Door  2.40 pm
Year 9 8.15 am English  Door 2.35 pm
Year 10 8.20 am Science 4 Door  2.35 pm 
Year 11 8.15 am Scarlett's Entrance  2.35pm


Please click the links below to see


School Risk Assessment for COVID-19 updated 6th September 2021


Outbreak management plan


Please contact school if you have any further questions.



 Latest update:  23rd November 2021