KS4 Subject Preferences 2023

KS4 Subject Preferences Process 2023

 The start of the Key Stage 4 subject preference  process marks an important time for students in their journey through school life.  It is the first opportunity that students get to decide some of the subjects they would like to study and it is a point when many students start to think about what they would like to do after they finish their studies at SJT.

Please click on the below image for a presentation on your subject preferences. 

You will find below links to the KS4 course description. There are also links to a video presentation and careers information.  

We encourage students and parents/carers to start with KS4 course description as this outlines how the Key Stage 4 curriculum works and the areas in which students have an element of choice.  It also gives some information on what each subject involves to help students in their decision making.

Mrs Starr, our careers advisor has prepared a short assembly video about the options process and how to make good choices.

All students and parents/carers should watch this video as it will answer many of the questions that students normally ask during the process.  There are also links available to other helpful resources which will help students whilst making their choices.

Alongside the resources about careers and future plans, Mrs Starr is also available to talk to students about the options process and we encourage students to email her at r.starr@sirjohnthursby.lancs.sch.uk to arrange a convenient time.

Making a choice

Students will receive a link to the preferences form through their school email. This will need to be completed by Monday 27th March 2023.

At this stage we are simply asking students to indicate which subjects they would be interested in studying. We will go through a process of fairly allocating students to courses which is why we ask for an order of preference. 

We also have two slots available for parents to come in to discuss options, these sessions can be booked by contacting school.

Session 1 – Wednesday 22nd March 3.15pm

Session 2 – Thursday 23rd March 9.00am 

Once we have received the forms, we will start the process of allocating students to classes.  The timeline below gives an outline of the different stages of the process.  Students will start their Key Stage 4 courses in September 2023. 


Careers Resources for Year 9 Options

Post 16 Pathways