health, Mental Health & Well being

Below is some advice on how to keep yourself mentally healthy.  Staying mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy.

It's important that we try to look after our mental health everyday, the guidance and links provided below will help you to do that. They are there to help you when times get difficult.

Good mental health helps us to cope with life’s ups and downs, it's best to ask for support from others if we need it.

Click on the links for advice and activities to help look after your mental health & well being.

Please click here to see a list of local agencies who can offer help and or advice.

 Some useful numbers listed below 

Lancashire county council: Youth Zone

Text 07786511111

Call 0800 511111

NSPCC: Call 0800 1111 email

The Mix: 0808 808 4994 1pm-11pm

You can talk on phone, by email or webchat.

SHOUT: For support in a crisis,

Text: SHOUT to 85258

Mind offer free counselling you can referrer online or by phone.


Action plans for wellbeing
If you have struggled with your emotions recently and would like a quick and easy way to create a plan for support, use the below link. It has 6 very simple multiple choice questions, it will then create suggestions on what you can do to feel a little better.  Every Mind Matters - Your Mind Quiz


We Are With You 

We Are With You is a new app that has been developed for young people under the age of 25 for the Lancashire area. 

 Young people will be able to complete a short well being questionnaire and will have the opportunity to access an appointment through the link to speak with someone on specified days and at different times. The link can also give young people other links they can access for help and support regarding their well-being and mental health. the link to this is: 


Please click her to access We Are With You app  

Exam Stress

Working towards exams can creating feelings of worry and being under pressure, please click here to read further information to help combat the stress you may be feeling. 


Please click here to view a guide on supporting your child on Exam Result Days 

Mental Wellbeing

We all have mental health, and our mental wellbeing can fluctuate day-to-day. When you’re not feeling great, it can feel harder to take action to benefit your wellbeing. Please click here to read further information on how to look after your well being 

Parent/Carer Guide on Mental Health

Please click here to read a guide for parent and carers on Mental Health   

Advice on sleeping concerns and patterns

Please click here for advice on sleeping concerns and patterns


It can be difficult for parents and carers to recognise when a child or young adult is struggling with a mental illness. This brochure, developed by Kooth’s clinical team, will help you better understand and be aware of the warning signs of mental illness in young people as well as signposting you to organisations that can provide support. Please click here to view the brochure


Please click here to view some top tips on how to talk to your children about their feelings.


 Young Minds

Please click here for a guide on Anxiety - including what is anxiety, symptoms of anxiety and getting help.  

Tips for dealing with Anger 

Please click here for a guide to find out more about different mental health conditions, how to cope with your feelings and what support is available to you.


Freeflow Counselling Service is based in Burnley, Lancashire, and has been a registered charity since 1997. Freeflow is run by a team of counsellors committed to offering a professional and confidential service in a safe and supportive environment.

Click here for further information.

Please click here to view information for young people on mental health and wellbeing - MIND 

Please click here to view information on how to support 11- 18 year olds with their mental health - MIND 


Please click here to view a newsletter which gives information on immunisations. 

 Mental Health Support Team

The Mental Health Support Team (MHST) provides an accessible service for pupils from primary  to Year 13 who may be experiencing a range of mild to moderate difficulties with their mental health. Please click here for more information. 


Please click here to view parent and carer guidance on Anxiety.