Arts Award

Over the last few weeks, students in Year 10 have been given the opportunity to complete an Arts qualification that they started in Year 9 called Arts Award Bronze.

 This needed to be completed independently, and as extra homework.

I have had the pleasure of being inundated with messages, photographs, questions, and screen shots of work.

 I have been totally overwhelmed by Year 10's enthusiasm and dedication. The resilience and creativity of these students has been amazing. 

 Part of the qualification requires them to teach a creative skill. Below are some photographs which show how the students have met this challenge by teaching their siblings creative skills. One student held an online zoom meeting to teach a Drama workshop to her friends, while another has held a bracelet making workshop at home. 

 I am so proud of how they have overcome such challenging times to ensure they can still achieve this qualification. The photographs have just confirmed for me how important The Arts are especially in times like these. 

 Well done to the students in Year 10 who have risen to the challenge, your efforts will be rewarded. 

 Mrs Wood

Learning Leader The Arts