Topic 1 Year 8 English 

Topic  Literature around the world 
No of lessons  14
When is it happening  Half Term 1 Year 8
What will students learn Students will learn about the history of literature as it evolved in other countries as well as learning about seminal world literature from a carefully curated selection of extracts representing both older and more contemporary seminal texts from other cultures. These extracts will include poetry and prose as well as a variety of genres. Students will also continue to learn about narrative essay writing, script-writing and writing poetry. Finally, students will take part in a structured discussion during this unit.
Key Knowledge that students should know at the end of 'Topic' This is the knowledge that students will meet for the first time in this topic  Timeline of literature incorporating literature from a range of continents; study of literature from other cultures and traditions including extracts from:- American literature (To Kill a Mocking Bird), Spanish (One Hundred Years of Solitude), African (Invisible Man), Afghan (The Kite Runner), Pakistan (I am Malala), Guyana (Grace Nichols), Lebanon (Khalil Gibran).
This is knowledge that students may have met before but will need to deepen their understanding 

Regular retrieval of the knowledge described above will be retrieved as well as:

Greek Myths
Key Skills that students should be able to demonstrate at the end of 'Topic' This is the skills  that students will meet for the first time in this topic Students will focus on acquiring the following skills: Clear inferences; judicious evidence; audience; figurative language and grammar; setting; comparing; short speeches and keeping to the point; write like a poet; understanding poetic conventions.
This is skills that students may have met before but will need to develop 

Students will concentrate on developing these core Year 7 skills: Making inferences; referring to evidence; purpose; vocabulary choice; characterisation; expressing own ideas.

Key vocabulary that students should know and understand

Culture, Marquez, Ellison, Hosseini, Yousafzai

Gibran, Judicious, Audience, Setting

The Big Question  Why is it important to study literature from around the world?


 Key questions that students should be able to answer at the end of the 'Topic'

How have stories of other cultures shaped the world?
Why is the context of a text important?
Who is Grace Nichols and what do we notice about her poetry?
What is the purpose of Malala Yousafzai's memoir?
How do I craft a descriptive writing piece?
What does it mean to be socially or racially invisible?
How does Hoesseini explore the idea of identity in Kite Runner?
How did Gael Garcia Marquez place Columbia on the global literary map?
Should world literature be personal or political?
Why should we celebrate contemporary world literature?