Topic 1 Year 8 Performing Arts - Drama 

Topic  Applying Drama Techniques
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When is it happening  Term 1 Year 8 
What will students learn Students must learn the key techniques required for devising non naturalistic drama work.  Students will revisit a variety of techniques to enhance their performance work and show symbolic themes rather than just literal presentation of ideas.
Key Knowledge that students should know at the end of 'Topic' This is the knowledge that students will meet for the first time in this topic  Students will develop their subject terminology - Tableaux, stimulus, proxemics etc.  Students will learn the differences between naturalistic theatre and non naturalistic theatre through technique and staging decisions in order to create their own performance work.  Students will learn about the purpose of the fourth wall in Naturalistic and Non Naturalistic theatre
This is knowledge that students may have met before but will need to deepen their understanding  Students will recall their knowledge of what makes an effective tableaux and their knowledge of performance skills. Students will be able to recall the idea of recognising stereotypes in order to make connections with different character stimuli.
Key Skills that students should be able to demonstrate at the end of 'Topic' This is the skills  that students will meet for the first time in this topic

Students will be introduced to symbolism and how it is used through the medium of drama.  Students will learn about devising techniques and naturalistic and non naturalistic acting audience relation to performance. 

Students will be able to name different staging layouts and the pros and cons of them whilst demonstrating some in performance.  Students will explore thought tracking, levels and proxemics, and flash forward/back  through participation in workshop activities.
This is skills that students may have met before but will need to develop  Through application of a variety of drama technique students will be able to create work that is meaningful, whether it be through a naturalistic performance that feels real, to non naturalistic while using techniques in a more  representational/symbolic way.  They will do this through the use of techniques such as Tableuax and thought tracks.
Key vocabulary that students should know and understand Tableaux, Thought Track, Naturalistic, Non-Naturalistic, Proxemics, Symbolism, Stimulus.
The Big Question  How do we use drama technique effectively to enhance our performance?


 Key questions that students should be able to answer at the end of the 'Topic'

What makes an effective tableaux?
What is a thought track and why do we use it?
What do levels and proxemics communicate?
When and why might you use flash back/forward?
How do you create performance work from a stimulus?
What are the differences between abstract and naturalistic?
How can I be prepared for a final performance assessment?
What techniques have we been most successful in using and why?