Year 7 Design & Technology 

Topic  Mr Men/Little Miss 
No of lessons  14
What will students learn  Students must develop their understanding of Textiles such as equipment used, application of techniques, how they are constructed and where different materials come from. Students develop their skills of research & design, template making, pattern cutting and assembly.
Students develop their evaluation skills through iterative design and annotation. 
Key Knowledge that students should know at the end of 'Topic' This is the knowledge that students will meet for the first time in this topic 

Students will become familiar with a design brief and why/how designers use them. How to use existing products to develop new ideas. Understand about where felt comes from and how it is made. Knowledge about other fabrics and how they are constructed the focus being on synthetic and natural fibres. How to make a design idea into something tangible using template making for accuracy and precision. Students will learn how to carry out QC checks to produce a quality product. Learn how to evaluate a product. 

Where different fabrics come from and how fabrics are constructed.  

Students will also learn about some smart materials, one off, batch and mass production. 

This is knowledge that students may have met before but will need to deepen their understanding  Students should have knowledge of basic design skills from KS2. 
Key Skills that students should be able to demonstrate at the end of 'Topic' This is the skills  that students will meet for the first time in this topic

Students will be asked to produce a range of design ideas that meet a design brief.  

Students will gain skills in hand stitching techniques such as locking, running and blanket stitch.  Template making,  pattern laying and applique. This will equip students with the skills needed to produce a quality product that is suitable for a target market and a product that also meets specification requirements. 

This is skills that students may have met before but will need to develop 

Students will be able to identify some hand stitching techniques. 

Students will be able to demonstrate applique. 

Students will be able to use basic textile equipment safely. 

Students will be able to measure, cut and pattern lay.  

Students will be able to construct a product out of felt. 

Key vocabulary that students should know and understand Applique, mass production, batch production, one off production, target market, template, photochromic, thermochromic, embellishment, LED. 
The Big Question  Why are Textiles important? 


 Key questions that students should be able to answer at the end of the 'Topic'




What is locking stitch? 
How is fabric made?
Why do we have to make a paper template? 
Why do we have to do a locking stitch? 
How can I sew a button on? 
What is felt and where does it come from? 
What are Mr Men/Little Miss?
What are embroidery threads? 
What is a template?
How can I add a LED to my product? 
What is applique? 
What is an embellishment? 
What is photochromic? 
What is thermochromic