Topic 2 Year 9 Performing Arts - Drama

Performing Arts - Drama 
Topic  Practitioners and their Methods
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When is it happening  Term 2 Year 9
What will students learn Students will be introduced to different practitioners that each have their own methods and ways of creating performance work and views on theatre. Students will participate in teacher led workshops which allow the students to explore the techniques these practitioners would use in the rehearsal room.
Key Knowledge that students should know at the end of 'Topic' This is the knowledge that students will meet for the first time in this topic  Students will learn about different practitioners and the style of work that they created methods for.  They will learn about the life and career of the practitioners and when and how their working methods were developed.
This is knowledge that students may have met before but will need to deepen their understanding  Style - Naturalistic and non naturalistic, students will be able to identify the style of the practitioners drawing on previous knowledge from the units studied in KS3.
Key Skills that students should be able to demonstrate at the end of 'Topic' This is the skills  that students will meet for the first time in this topic Application of Stanislavski System - Emotional Memory, Given circumstances, units and Objectives.  Exploration of Physical Theatre - Breath, movement, collaboration and trust.  Brechtian techniques - Montage, Placards, Third person narration.
This is skills that students may have met before but will need to develop  Students will develop a presentation about the different practitioners methods thinking about which they enjoyed the most and why.
Key vocabulary that students should know and understand Emotional Memory, Given circumstance, Gestus, Montage, Third person narration, Magic if, Objective, Placards.
The Big Question  How has theatre and its audience evolved?


 Key questions that students should be able to answer at the end of the 'Topic'

Why did Stanislavski create a method for acting?
Can you name 4 parts of Stanislavski's system and what they are used for?
How do Brecht's views on theatre differ from Stanislavski?
What techniques can we use in a Brechtian piece of theatre?
What is Physical Theatre?
What techniques are used in creating Physical Theatre?