Topic 3 Year 7 English  

Topic  History of Language
No of lessons  13
When is it happening  Half Term 3 Year 7
What will students learn Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of how the English language has changed over time.  Students will also learn about how language influences society and the way we perceive the world by focusing on a specific area of language use. Finally, students will learn about how language changes depending on where we are, who we are communicating with, and how we are communicating.
Key Knowledge that students should know at the end of 'Topic' This is the knowledge that students will meet for the first time in this topic  Timeline of the English Language from Anglo-Saxon to present-day including a showcase of world influences; language use and change in extracts from the following authors’ works:- Beowulf (unknown author), Chaucer, Shakespeare, Wordsworth; Rowling; Drake; differences between spontaneous spoken and planned written language; accent and dialect; non-phonetic transcription; decorum; the impact of language use on how the society perceives gender.
This is knowledge that students may have met before but will need to deepen their understanding 

Regular retrieval of the knowledge described above will be retrieved.  As this unit involves brand new learning for much of its content very little retrieval from previous units will take place.

Key Skills that students should be able to demonstrate at the end of 'Topic' This is the skills  that students will meet for the first time in this topic Students will focus on acquiring the following skills: Write like a politician
This is skills that students may have met before but will need to develop 

Students will concentrate on developing these core Year 7 skills: Making inferences; referring to evidence; purpose; vocabulary choice; characterisation; expressing own ideas.

Key vocabulary that students should know and understand

Origins, Anglo-Saxon, 

Beowulf, Dialect, Accent, Prologue

The Big Question  Why is it important to know how the English Language developed?


 Key questions that students should be able to answer at the end of the 'Topic'

What are the origins of the English Language?
What is Old English?
What is Middle English?
Who is Chaucer and what are The Canterbury Tales?
When were rules introduced?
What are accents and dialects?
What is Standard English and Received Pronunciation?
What was the British Empire?
Do we use language in the same way?
Is language changing still?