As you may have seen, the Prime Minister has said that students do not need to wear masks in class from tomorrow. However, the current guidance says that when infection rates are high, schools should consider additional measures such as face coverings in lessons.

Currently in school, we still have very high rates of infection (currently 10% of students are absent due to COVID). We also have 11 classes where we have 3 or more live cases - which crosses the threshold of what counts an outbreak. Under the guidance, where there is an outbreak additional measures such as mask wearing in lessons is something that is advised. 

As a result, it is my recommendation that we 
continue to wear masks in lessons until we see the infection rate fall.

We will review this decision regularly and I will contact you when we change our advice.
Thank you for your ongoing support 
Rob Browning - Headteacher  


Please click here to view the latest update from Mr Browning - 17th January 2022

Please click here to view a letter from Director of Public Health for Lancashire County Council.

  • The guidance from the Government is for all school age students to test twice weekly using lateral flow tests provided by school. We advise that you test your child on Wednesdays and Sundays.  If your child requires a box of lateral flow test kits, please ask your child to see their Assistant Head of Year.   
  • If students are symptomatic (High temperature/new continuous cough/loss or change of taste or smell) they need to self-isolate and book a PCR test
  • If students have a positive lateral flow test, they should self-isolate
  • If your child has tested positive they can return to school from self -isolation after 5 full days if they test negative on both day 5 and day 6 and do not have a temperature.  If they are positive on their lateral flow tests they must stay in isolation until they have had 2 consecutive negative tests taken on separate days. For instance, if they are positive on day 5, then a negative test is required on both day 6 and day 7 to release from self-isolation, or positive on day 6, then a negative test is required on days 7 and 8, and so on until the end of day 10.
  • They should return to school on the 11th day as long as they do not have a high temperature (It is OK to have a cough and/or loss of taste or smell)
  • They should not use lateral flow tests after day 10 for the next 80 days (i.e. day 90 from a positive test) as they may give a false positive
  • In days 11 to 90 if you are symptomatic, you must self-isolate and take a PCR test  


Year 7 Parents Evening

Due to the rising levels of COVID-19, we will be running the upcoming Year 7 Parents’ Evening online. Below is a link for you to login and make appointments with your child’s teachers on our online appointment system. Appointments will last for 5 minutes with each teacher.  Please click here to book appointments 

There will be two evenings for you to book onto

Wednesday 2nd February 3.30pm – 6.30pm & Thursday 10th February 3.30pm – 6.30pm

All appointments will take place online so you will be able to meet with your child’s teachers using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. If you have any issues with accessing a device for your appointments, please contact school.

 Student/ Parent Information Booklet 

For parents/carers with children in Years 8,9,10 and 11

Please read the information booklet which is available below and has also been sent on your ClassCharts account.

Information Booklet

Letter from Headteacher Mr Browning 

Once you have read the booklet, please go to the online form listed below by year group and confirm that you and your child agree to these polices. If you have more than one child at SJT, you will need to fill a form in for each child.

Year 8 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 9 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 10 Parents please click here to complete the form

Year 11 Parents please click here to complete the form

 Parents/carers of students in Year 7 should have received a paper form to complete (please contact the Year 7 team if you have not received this).



Year 7

8.15 am Science Door 

Year 8 8.20 am Maths Door  2.40 pm
Year 9 8.15 am English  Door 2.35 pm
Year 10 8.20 am Science 4 Door  2.35 pm 
Year 11 8.15 am Scarlett's Entrance  2.35pm


Please click the links below to see


School Risk Assessment for COVID-19 updated 7th January 2022


Outbreak management plan


Please contact school if you have any further questions.



 Latest update:  19th January 2022