At Sir John Thursby Community College, we take bullying very seriously.

Our school policy clearly sets out the procedures that all staff follow if bullying occurs.

We have students who are fully trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in every Year Group to promote the prevention of bullying, to support fellow students and to maintain a high profile of anti-bullying, across the school, throughout the year.

We promote a culture of speaking out against bullying by encouraging students to report any concerns they have to staff. To support students in this, we have an anonymous reporting system called ‘whisper’ that students can access through the school website on a computer, smart phone or tablet from anywhere, at any time.

Every Year, in November, we hold Anti-Bullying week. During the week, the whole school takes part in assemblies, quizzes, debates and competitions which address the seriousness of bullying and promote the celebration of diversity.

As a parent, if you have any concerns regarding bullying, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Progress and Guidance Leader.

Below is further advice and the Anti-bullying policy